Food Facts & Fallacies

Food Facts & Fallacies
You Are What You Eat

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Truth About Veal

Animal "rights" activists continue to berate the meat & dairy industries, spreading false claims and misinformation, including staged photos & videos about mistreatment of food animals.  Most farms, which are family owned, know that any mistreated animal gives a poor product, thereby reducing profits & increasing disease.

These articles will show you the truth about what goes on behind the scenes of your dinner plate.

Veal Crates

A photograph supposedly showing inhumane "veal crates" is actually a picture of hutches used for the protection of newborn dairy calves.

Uncommon practices?

Bad apples happen in any industry, yes a few of the 49,000 dairy farms in our country are not taking care of their cows the way they should. While the news headlines about parents abusing their children vastly outnumber stories of abuse on dairy farms, people know and understand that not all parents are horrible people. Mercy For Animals knows that they can get people to believe that dairy farmers abuse their cows because they know that most people don’t have someone they know that they can ask directly. Unlike 30 years ago, today the average person is 3 generations removed from the farm, Mercy For Animals exploits the disconnect between people like me on the farm and people like you, our customer. Mercy For Animals doesn’t just want abusers to be caught, they want you to stop eating and using animal products. Their goal is for you to become vegan and for all farms that raise animals to be out of business.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Humane Eating

Despite all the animal activists' protests and phony videos, American farm practices help provide the safest and most humane animal husbandry on the planet.  The sheer volume of the animals that must be handled on a daily basis to feed this country, makes efficient and secure practices a top priority.  

Temple Grandin has spent decades ensuring that the animals we eat are safe, comfortable and stress free.   This turkey farm video shows how far we've come.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Sunday, November 9, 2014

FOOD FIGHT! Are The French Really Better?

French food!  Yay!

Ancient, elegant and delicious.

Learning, imitating and becoming French.

Beautifully served, upscale and slimming.

American food! Ugh!

Fast, greasy, fattening.
All American, simple, fried and easy.

Is this really the whole story?  In the attached  article, the author takes us through the history and debate regarding French = slim and American = Fat.   This is truly food for thought.

Enjoy it in good health.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

MSG: Deadly or Doubtful?

Rumours abound in the field of nutrition; saturated fats were bad, then they were OK, now they're good for you.  Salt will kill you but now we're not getting enough.  Fat people are pigs, now..oops, it's chemistry not character (Fatheadtheblog.)

MSG has had a bad rap for years.  I love Chinese food but never got a headache from it.  Was I special?? Hell, no!   Here's the real truth of the matter:

Read it in good health.