Food Facts & Fallacies

Food Facts & Fallacies
You Are What You Eat

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Are you getting more than you bargained for in your food?   Do you actually know what's in it?   Wood (hahaha!) you still eat it if you did?

In the FDA's frantic attempts to kill us all, wood pulp has been added hundreds of different products, including commercial sauces, Kraft's Creamy Mac n' Cheese and most ice cream.   More can be found here:

Here's another one straight off the tree trunk:

Sprinkle some of that nice wood pulp in your scrambled eggs and tacos next time you cook at home.  Especially if you're trying to avoid the dangerous ingredients in processed and fast foods.   Good luck with that.

Please read the following website if you want to save your guts.  And the younger you start, the healthier you'll remain for the rest of your life.

Here is a quote from an email sent to me by David Smith aka Wolverine:

That high fiber can cause some serious problem for sure.  I guess some adventurous person noticed all the tons of by-product from grain husks being thrown away and decided if they could convince people it was healthy, they could market it instead.  I know they tried many times to feed it to livestock, but ruminant livestock will not touch it, because they know it will cause a lot of bloating, gas and pain.

If we were meant to eat as much fiber as we are told to eat, we would have a multiple chambered stomach and chew our cud, like ruminants.  We cannot ferment fibers into butyric acid, like ruminant animals can (only in our colons, but we do not absorb much in our colon).

When I have read anything on vegan chat rooms, I always see the newer vegans complaining about the massive amount of gas that the diet gives them, of course the veteran vegans always tell them they will get used to it.  I always figure it can't be natural to have all that gas, or it wouldn't be so uncomfortable for us to deal with.  Anything that is painful cannot be good for us and gas is typically painful.

I don't believe that the human intestines was designed to handle a lot of pneumatic pressure, so I can't imagine how fast the pressure can build when a vegan gets a blockage and that gas cannot pass.  I do know that a bowel stricture can be deadly, because we were all warned of strictures following the transplant.  Scar tissue can form strictures in the bowels.  If the bowels stop moving, you are on borrowed time.

I can't imagine how many people's lives have been wrecked by this bad modern advice of high dietary fiber.  A healthy digestive system should mot need a lot of fiber to keep things moving along, if it does, then there is a problem somewhere which fiber will not fix and probably only make worse.
Remember, the weaker, sicker and more confused we are, the easier we can be controlled.

Stay well.

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