Food Facts & Fallacies

Food Facts & Fallacies
You Are What You Eat

Friday, November 15, 2013


By Jean Bush

In 1911, Americans began that long greasy slide into fake food, poor heath and the processing away of millions of years of human growth and intelligence.   This first substitute for saturated fat and the long line of plastic foods, since then, in the American diet, along with the demonization of animal protein, the GMO monocrops and the advent of dangerous soy in everything we now eat, has done more to destroy the health, brains and the integrity of the human condition, than all the wars combined.

The rise of the concept of clean, white and pure has damaged our perception of what real food actually consists of.   Devoted and loving wives who first started using Crisco, unknowing condemned their husbands to heart attacks and strokes and gave their children the legacy of misery and ill health for generations to come.

The FDA's control of our nutritional information and promotion of their high carb, low fat way of eating is the soft-kill of the NWO dictatorship that holds our country in it's death grip.  After all, a healthy and educated populace will resist its implementation.

Remember, the weaker, sicker and more confused we are, the easier we can be controlled.

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