Food Facts & Fallacies

Food Facts & Fallacies
You Are What You Eat

Sunday, November 9, 2014

FOOD FIGHT! Are The French Really Better?

French food!  Yay!

Ancient, elegant and delicious.

Learning, imitating and becoming French.

Beautifully served, upscale and slimming.

American food! Ugh!

Fast, greasy, fattening.
All American, simple, fried and easy.

Is this really the whole story?  In the attached  article, the author takes us through the history and debate regarding French = slim and American = Fat.   This is truly food for thought.

Enjoy it in good health.



  1. Fattening food should take you to the next meal ONLY. It should not take you past the next meal. All food has some value, even mayonnaise. I find all the pretty food you depicted leaves you hungry in only one hour. How the body breaks down fats vs.starches and portion control leads a willing person to a healthy HWP body

  2. You are mostly correct, but you don't understand how the French eat. They eat in several course over several hours. Dinners usually start at 9pm and go to midnight, especially with company. Family dinners are shorter but are still served in several courses. My pictures only demonstrate individual dishes, not a whole dinner.